A time line for the fans.

So, today I did research on the promotional items I am thinking of employing in getting the word out about the premiere of Juniper Crescent. Now that I have a tentative schedule together for the release of the novel, here is what I am now passing on to every amazing person who is looking forward to reading the book.

Around June and July, I will be sending out information about the release of the book in a postcard form, thanks to VistPrints.com, to everyone I have an address for. The United States Postal Service will thank me for my contribution. Anyone wanting release information should make sure I have your address. Postcards, business cards, and other promotional items will be available at NDK if and only if I have copies available to sell there as well.

To reiterate, the release is currently scheduled for September 24th, but I asked if it would be possible to release it early so that I can have copies available for the anime convention.

Upon receiving the author copies of Juniper Crescent, all friends and family are invited to a premiere party for the release of it, and have the first opportunity to get a copy of Juniper Crescent.


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