Juniper Crescent excerpt

Ladies and Gentlemen, with the pre-order coming in August, I think now would be a good time to give you a little something from the book.

“Once successes became common in animal subjects, we were given clearance to perform the operation on a human subject.” A lab report was placed in front of him.
“This is Michael.” Darren listened, gazing at the picture. “Before the operation, he was obese, with medical problems building on top of each other. Here is his picture, taken last week.” Nothing could have given a more stark contrast. Proudly flexing every muscle in his torso, Michael grinned at the camera. The only sound in the room was that of Darren’s jaw dropping.
“These photos haven’t been doctored, or tampered with.” Grant assured, leaning back in his chair in an attempt to become a shadow. “Since the operation, he has lost significant amounts of weight, gained speed and strength in record breaking times, and is healthy as a horse.”
A question finally made it from the cluster in his brain to his mouth. “What was he mixed with?” Wonder and disbelief dripped from every word.
“A Bengal tiger.”
Words failed Darren. They mixed a man killer with a man? They mixed a hunter with a human? This became dangerous. These fools were rushing where even God hadn’t tread.
“Since Michael’s success, there have been 2 other humans that have received the operation.” They explained, belaying a calm that Darren could only wish for right now. His eyes were fixed on Michael’s picture, pointing out the now obvious feline characteristics Michael possessed. A five o’clock shadow trailed down his neck and spread across his shoulders, and his eyes burned with an unnatural orange color.
“This operation has the capacity to rebuild the human body. With a few reptilian genes, a burn victim can regenerate more than was possible. Cancer can be removed, and the organ or limb enhanced.” Grant paused for a second, building for effect. “We are even in the process of creating a person who can fly.”
That did it, thought Darren. These doctors are gods now, aren’t they? Then they pulled out the picture of a human skeleton, with long wings curling around shortened shoulder blades.

Now, for all the people eagerly waiting for the book to become available, I pose this question:

If you were to have the Isis Operation, what animal would you be mixed with? What do you imagine the effects would be?


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