Music and Juniper Crescent

Music plays an integral part in getting in character, character development, and idea creation. I’m no different. The music I listened to while writing helped me create the atmosphere that was taking place in the various scenarios in Juniper Crescent. I’d be a little selfish if I didn’t mention some of the songs that impacted this novel.

Just Like You- 3 Days Grace. This song applied especially to Michael, the antagonist of Juniper Crescent. It defines a lot of his actions and his motives.

May Angels Lead You In – Jimmy Eat World. This helped me create Darren, Oksanya’s father, and the struggles he was presented throughout the book.

Remember When – Randy Travis. Another Darren song. This is going to seem out of place among the other songs here, but it fit for him.

Because of You – Kelly Clarkson. This is one of the songs for Oksanya, and helped me establish her familial relationship.

Tattoo – Jordin Sparks. For Realla, Oksanya’s mother, and for her as well. This helped create the emotional scene in the beginning for Darren.

The Good Left Undone – Rise Against. Another Oksanya song. Many of these aren’t ones that I listen to regularly, but being able to get into character, and see the world I am trying to write about is invaluable.


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