Something to Ponder

The Isis operation, which cures hereditary diseases and expands human capacity to superhuman level by replacing human genes with animal genes, causes a stir in the world. The main question being whether or not those who choose to have the operation, or in more common terms: become an Isis, have lost their humanity.

This also affects the sports world. So, the question to consider is this: should an Isis be allowed on a team of regular human players? Should the operation be considered a performance enhancing drug?

If we choose to segregate the Isis out of regular teams, would the world have to institute an Isis only Olympics?

If you were a coach, would you try and recruit Isis more than regular players? Which Isis would you be looking for in each sport?

On the one side, the Isis operation can save lives, and under certain circumstances be necessary. These are still humans we are dealing with, so there shouldn’t be segregation at all, right?

The flip side is, they didn’t have to train to be that good. A person mixed with a fast animal wouldn’t need to train as hard as a normal athlete, and still attain record-shattering speeds. Picture a long jumper who is mixed with a frog. Would it be fair for him/her to be in competitions with athletes who had to train hard every day to achieve “normal” results?

Let’s hear your opinions. Feel free to email them to me, or post them here on the blog.


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