TG: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for tuning in. This is Tiny, with KROR radio. You know, lately there’s been a lot of attention on the people behind the whole Isis phenomenon, so we managed to get some of the key people on the show to talk to us today. We have the leading lady herself, Oksanya Vor Tallen. Oksanya, welcome to the show.

OT: Thanks, Tiny.

TG: So, Oksanya, this whole thing started getting out to the public when your dad was presented with the multimillion dollar contract to build the Isis facility in Colorado, is that right?

OT: Yep, my dad had a meeting with the developers of the operation themselves to orchestrate this building.

TG: For our listeners who haven’t been reading up, the operation, of course, is none other than the trans-species operation, which can cure all kinds of diseases and pretty much make people superheroes. Is that right?

OT: that’s one way to describe it, I guess.

TG: So, what did any of this have to do with you? I mean, how did you get involved in any of this?

OT: I was born with muscular dystrophy, which meant I was a prime candidate for the last of the human testing before it was publicly available. My dad signing to build the Isis Facility meant that I would have access to a cure.

TG: But this was a really unsteady technology. They were still testing it, like you said. What made you, a seventeen year old high school student, decide to undergo such a drastic operation?

OT: In high school I had to wear leg braces, which aside from being annoying, was a complete social buzz kill. I felt helpless. When I was offered the operation, it didn’t really take long for me to decide. It was like the problem of being noticed was less than being unnoticed.

TG: Yeah, I hear you on that one. So, tell me what the operation was like? I have a girlfriend thinking about the operation, should she expect to see something out of the norm?

OT: When I was going to the operating room, it looked a lot like a dentist’s office. I mean, I didn’t see anything that made me nervous. If they pulled something scary, it must have been while I was knocked out.

TG: That’s a comforting thought.

OT: What really bugged me though, is when stuff started being different. Even as advanced a technology as this is, no one could have predicted how much I would be like a cheetah.

TG: So, what do you mean by stuff being different?

OT: Out of the blue, food wouldn’t taste right. Some of my favorite foods just didn’t
taste good. It was like being pregnant, but way more expensive. Once I got used to that, I started developing spots everywhere.

TG: And ladies and gentlemen, I wish you could see this. These spots are phenomenal, better than any tattooed spots I’ve ever seen. These are amazing.

OT: Thanks. I thought they were bruises when they first started appearing.

TG: So when did you start breaking world records? How long was it till you started running?

OT: I had dreams of running even while I was at the hospital stuck in the clean room. Once I got out, I was at it every day. I didn’t notice anything until people were giving me weird looks and I was passing everyone on the track.

TG: I saw the video on YouTube at your first track meet. I couldn’t believe that it was natural for you to run that fast.

OT: Strangely, the first track meet was me trying to stay slow. It was about a week or two later when I broke the Olympic record for the one mile run.

TG: What was your time for that?

OT: My friend Chloe says it was right at three minutes.

TG: Three minutes? You’re serious? The world record’s at three forty four. So, Oksanya, from there you only got faster, right? Tell me about the regional track meet, which must have been something to see.

OT: I’m sure it was. For me, the regional meet was heartbreaking. The judges saw me take the lead, and revoked my medal. They put it under performance enhancers. I was even booted from the team.

TG: It’s a tragic tale, Oksanya. We have a caller who says he has a video of the regional meet. Let’s talk to Kevin. Kevin, how are you?

Kevin: I’m doing great, Tiny. Huge fan of your show.

TG: Well, thank you. Always good to hear. So, you say you have a video of Oksanya’s mile run? What can you tell me about it?

Kevin: It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. The whole group came round the last corner, then it was like everybody else stood still and she ran on through. Like she was running past statues.

TG: I’m sure there are plenty of people that would like to see that movie. Any chance you could upload that to our site?

Kevin: Well, I’m sure I could –

OT: Please don’t… I mean, there are enough videos of me out there, this one doesn’t need to become one of them.

TG: Hey, I respect that. Kevin, keep that under wraps.

OT: Thank you.

TG: Well, Oksanya, thank you for coming on the show, today. It’s been a pleasure.

OT: I hope I did some good. Thanks, Tiny.

TG: Make sure you keep listening to KROR radio. Next week we are going to have Ezra Taft, who claims that getting the Isis operation has been the key to completing his greatest dream. Stay tuned.


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