Employment and Motivation

So today is my second day of work. I am really stoked to have a full time job, since for some reason it gives me motivation to write on Valence Drive. I don’t know how this all works, with me having more of a desire to write when I am working.

I wrote Juniper Crescent when I had a job as a pest control technician. I loved having full time work like that. I’d come home smelling like chemicals and sweat, shower, and eat a big meal and write. All evening I’d write and have a couple of pages written. Even in college, if I had a full schedule, writing came easier. The second novel, Hallow Terrace , had the first draft completed in about 9 months, because again, I had that motivator.

Since I returned from college, and being unable to return when I wanted to, not nearly as much writing has been getting done, despite have a stable outline, completed characters, and a pretty good idea.

In the day I’ve had working in the movie theater I’m now employed with, I’be felt more of a desire to write and do the things that make me awesome. No, I’m not being cocky or arrogant by saying that, my religious beliefs tell me that I have a great potential, and am capable of doing awesome things. It also says you are, too, so be glad for that.


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