The things I drool over

So, my favorite collection right now is my vast sets of cufflinks. I have over thirty different sets, ranging from penguins to cameos. Many of them I have made myself. For me, cufflinks are a cool way for guys, and also girls, to express themselves. Even in the most conservative suit and the most conservative tie, a beautiful set of cufflinks can still show a unique image. Hence the reason I have so many sets of cufflinks. I’ve made cufflinks from LEGO bricks, buttons, coins, glass beads, and clay.

I swear I’m like a girl and her accessories: “Does this match my tie?” “Do they look good with my socks?” “Does it match my suit?”

My lack of currency means that cufflinks are an infrequent purchase for me. Unless I make it, I’m hitting up thrift stores trying to find some sweet cufflinks. I also spend significant amounts of time perusing the shops of Etsy, admiring the cufflinks others have created, and contemplating the supplies and stuff I can use to make cufflinks.

One, in particular, has piqued my curiosity, both for cufflinks and for steampunkery, which never ceases to intrigue me. Amystevensoriginals has some beautiful stuff for me, including watch balances, gears, settings, and just some pretty pictures to look at.


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