My Etsy Hero

This past month I have embellished my time writing Valence Drive with jewelry making, which is available at my store on, yarnminion, and will also be available at this year’s Nan Desu Kan in Denver.

I love Etsy because I can find what I’m looking for, even down to the sub sub-culture I find myself loving, dubbed Steampunk. A few stores have had excellent deals as far as supplies for the jewelry I make, but one store has really stood out above the rest.

Steampunkjunksupply got a small order from me, asking for a little of this and a little of that. When I didn’t receive it, she resent the order without hesitation. I admired her on that count.

So I placed a bigger order, especially with the popularity of a few of the designs I had created. Not only did I receive this order in a timely manner, but there was also a tiny bag of ‘extras,’ just for kicks and giggles.

I felt like she really cared about me, as a buyer and fellow Etsy store-owner. If anyone is getting into charms, pendants, steampunk or creating their own jewelry, I am going to recommend steampunkjunksupply with the same courtesy that the owner has shown me.


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