It Came to Nan Desu Kan

I have been an avid attendee of Nan Desu Kan, one of the largest anime and sci-fi conventions in the Rocky Mountain region, for a little under a decade. I’m a huge fan of anime.

This year, however, was a landmark for me in many ways:

1. I had a table in the Artist Alley. I wasn’t wandering around randomly hugging people and thinking about maybe attending a panel, people came to me, and I still got to hug a lot of people in really cool costume. (I even got to hug a girl in an amazing Toph Bei-Fong costume, my favorite character from Avatar: The Last Airbender) I had plenty of crocheted awesomeness and jewelry to sell, and made out better than I thought I would.

2. NDK became a business opportunity for me. I gave out in the three days of the convention nearly 200 postcards for Juniper Crescent, and had many opportunities to talk about the book.

Many people who heard about it immediately recommended I bring it to this year’s Mile Hi Con, also in Denver. These people included the woman who shared the table with me. Her store was called Alice and the Three Dark Kings, and she had some of the coolest steampunk/ lolita jewelry I have ever seen. Like seriously, it was awesome. I bought a pin from her and it is one of the coolest pieces I own. Bekka was absolutely amazing to me, and helped make it a convention I won’t soon forget.

So my goal now is to have more postcards printed up. At the very minimum, 300 postcards for Juniper Crescent will be making an appearance at MHC. The ideal situation would be me right behind the postcards to hand them out and talk about the book, but that is largely dependent on finding a ride up to Denver that weekend. (If you know anyone, have them contact me please)

The other really cool thing is shortly to follow. Con-goers know that conventions are the place to find one of a kind treasures for their favorite movies and comics, and every year I have gained new treasures. This year, I couldn’t find much in the dealer’s room that intrigued me enough to get it, aside from a messenger bag. What I did find in the artist alley was just that: artists.

Here was an opportunity to get the word out even more about Juniper Crescent, and get some artwork done in the process. I went to several artists, and explained who Oksanya was, and gave them a postcard to help the creative juices flow. 5 artists got commissioned to draw her, and those pictures now reside on my wall. I plan to have even more created, since many of the artists I went to did an excellent job for having limited knowledge of the character. I think I was just being sneaky sneaky with getting the word out.

NDK 2010 was the best con I have ever attended. Here’s to a good many more!


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