Respect for the artists

As promised, here are the five new images of Oksanya:

The first is from Kenneth Garcia

I like the attitude he gave her in this pic.

This one is by Kristen Stewart, who has always been a favorite of mine at the Artist Alley of NDK. I can’t pass by her table without wanting something. Even better, she’s a student at BYU Idaho, like me. I also bought some of her other prints, and a toph keychain (Avatar the last airbender)

This table wasn’t far from my own, and all the people who ran the table always had great costumes on. This artist also had a pair of Silent Hill shoes that she had made. Like they were white converse, and she added a pic of pyramid head. very cool indeed.

This girl was easy to get along with, and let me sit and talk to her awhile on who Oksanya is and her attitude. (That’s me being a sneaky business man.) After all that, she started on the image of Oksanya. I really liked the play with colors feel, and the confidence she put into Oksanya

The final pic is probably the most lifelike. I didn’t really catch the artist’s name, but she was dressed like the joker.

I’m hoping to get more artwork from Mile Hi Con next month.
My request from my readers is respect the artists, and don’t just “save image” your own copy of their hard work.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dream Well

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