It’s Nice to Be Wanted

So, I work at a second run movie theater. For those in Colorado, it’s the Picture Show across from the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs.

On Friday I was working at the podium – one of my favorite parts of working at the theater – when a girl came up from behind and asked if she could ask an odd question. Being a fan of odd questions, she was given full permission to ask the odd question.
“Are you the author? Your book’s Juniper Crescent, right?” That was the question, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed asking. The girl was a member of the Mesa Ridge High School Scribbler Society, a local writer’s group of which I had the pleasure of attending as a guest speaker.
From this, I took two great ideas:
1. people recognizing you as an author is a good feeling. It pretty much made the rest of my day.
2. A writer’s group, or critique group, is an invaluable resource for writers. Nothing can replace the help I got from the BYU Idaho writerly group that helped make Juniper Crescent the solid story that interested both Judyth Piazza and Blue Planet Publishing. It is a necessary tool in a writer’s toolkit.
From talking to Donna Jo Napoli, and hearing interviews with Meg Cabot and other authors, there are two things that every writer will be told is the best advice:
1. Finish the manuscript, then start looking to publish.
2. get a writer’s group.
Juniper Crescent is on it’s way.

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