A Scene

Well, for the post today, I wanted to share a scene I wrote about. I think it was a daydream, or a mental celebration of having finished reading the entire Percy Jackson series. This is a scene that I think will be in one of my later novels, after I finish Valence Drive.

Everything gets interrupted when it happens. Life could be going all fine and dandy until it comes, though you’ve known for almost a year that it was coming. Life halts, and terrible pains crack and quake inside you. I was with everyone at the mall when it happened. The pain brought me to my knees, and I was immediately surrounded by people watching and waiting to see what would happen. The tremors inside me grew till I couldn’t contain it. Each word burst out of me, like I had eaten something foul and now my body wanted to vomit it back up.

Seven doors shall open wide,

Crowds were now stopping to see if they could catch a glimpse of me and what was going on. People were murmuring stroke or seizure to each other trying to explain what was going on. I curled around my stomach, hoping to squeeze out all the pain. Tears raced down my face to extinguish my horror from the outside.

To bear a bloodbath at the eventide,

Someone shouted to call a doctor, or call 911, do something. The voices somehow blurred before they got to my ears, like I was hearing it underwater. My voice scarred and howled, but refused to be quiet.

Forty sons of the Archangel will rise

An arm picks my up under my arms, and holds me like an infant while I convulse.

Though one in the four shall die

The last words escape me, and all strength flees with the pain, and I collapse into unconsciousness. “Yeah, I heard. Make sure someone writes it down.” The strong voice that carried me announced to someone. “No, this is a prophecy, not a young girl’s ranting. Write it now.”

Once I finish the manuscript for Valence Drive, I am going to branch out to do a mythical war novel, something like Narnia mixed with 300, then the novel I want to use this piece for, though it may be edited to fit the atmosphere I need.

Work moves forward on getting Juniper Crescent out on the market, though I can’t give a clear date for it. But, rest assured that as soon as I know, you’ll know.


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