Mile Hi Con, the aftermath

This was my first year attending Mile Hi Con, at the suggestion the lady I shared a table with at Nan Des Kan, Bekka. This was an amazing event, but for the Yarnminion store, and for myself as an author.

One of the guests of honor, Rachel Caine, took time out of her busy schedule to sit down and talk with me about being a new author, and getting the word out about a novel. Everything she had to say was what I needed, even down to her cure for writer’s block. At the convention, she showed promotional videos she had made with her husband, who had beautiful work in the Art Show, promoting her series The Morganville Vampires. Now, anyone who knows me knows of my disdain for the whole vampire genre since Twilight came out, but this one holds some promise to it, I think, and the promotional videos were very funny.
Mile Hi Con 42 became a bit of a lifemark for me. This was the first convention I went to by myself, purely for my own work. While I love NDK and the attention that I got there for Yarnminion and Juniper Crescent, even if I didn’t have a novel coming out, I would have still gone. This one was because I had a novel, and because I wanted to increase my skills in the craft of being an author.

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