I went and saw Disney’s latest, Tangled, a few days ago, and really liked it. As a whole, I think it belongs up there with The Princess and the Frog as far as good Disney movies. The story was refreshing, The animation was excellent, and my only complaint was it seemed like some of the songs were forced and out of place.

Rapunzel is one of my favorite fairy tales. Not just because I find long hair attractive – I do, actually, however irrelevant- but because her story wasn’t entirely waiting for the hero to rescue her. When opportunity arises, she is able to act according to higher standards and show what makes her a princess. And that holds true through Tangled. Yes, she does fit the fairy tale princess stereotype of being locked away and awaiting rescue, but that doesn’t mean that she is incapable of doing what needs to get done, as she demonstrates when Flynn Rider shows up. Even though she has had no interaction with the outside world, she acted against that lack of knowledge, something that holds a lot of people back nowadays.
I also enjoyed the fact that they made it so she could pull someone up by her hair without it hurting beyond belief. That was accurately portrayed in the 10th Kingdom, where hair was needed to be a rope and the audience was reminded that hair is connected to a scalp that feels pain.
Finally, the story itself. Disney did a good job making a story that was family appropriate. Let’s face it, the original stories weren’t meant to be happy, flowers and puppies and unicorns, everybody leaves happy kind of story. Half the time, those stories were warnings. But, Tangled got a story that not only explained why Rapunzel’s hair got so long, but gave the witch good reason to keep her locked away, other than the simple idea of ownership.
It’s a good movie. One I plan to own, even before I have a wife or daughters, whom I’m sure is the demographic for this movie. It’s flat out a good story.

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