a New Computer, a New Me, and Plenty of Edits in Between

It’s been a month since Christmas. I think a lot has happened in that time that I find exciting.

The first is my new computer. My laptop began its steady spiral down the drain back in November, and its slowly been getting worse. Therefore, I have bought a desktop PC. Newegg.com was perfect for my needs, and I found a barebones Mini-PC and all the parts to make it happy. I should be getting it in the mail either tomorrow or the next day. So, there’s going to be more of a chance that I’ll be on my computer more often, and that means more writing. My goal for this year is to finish Valence Drive, sell copies of Juniper Crescent, and start work on a separate novel, entitled Warscribe.
I have already submitted Hallow Terrace, the sequel to Juniper Crescent, to my agent, and hopefully things will get rolling on that.
Thirdly, I’m going to be out in Utah for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ General Conference. If I plan things right, I might be able to get a book signing out there as well. That’s hoping Juniper Crescent is out by then. It should be. I’ll get to see my brother and his wife. They’re expecting their first baby in June.
Speaking of book signings, I already have access to three once Juniper Crescent comes out, with 2 conventions in the fall. It seems odd to be able to list this all on my taxes as a business expense, but if the government is willing to pay me for going to conventions to sell an amazing story, I won’t complain.
Finally, and this is more important to me than most of the above mentioned, I’m on track for going back to BYU-Idaho in the fall. I accomplished so much writing while I was there. The education is fantastic, and I had a sense of independence that I haven’t had since. I miss it.

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