Support a Worthy Cause

So, I’m admitting total nerdiness here, but I am a fan of Nathan Fillion. Before he became the amazing author that inspires me constantly on the ABC show Castle, he had roles in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, and a Fox series entitled Firefly, where he played a cowboy/space pilot. It’s kind of what Han Solo wishes he could be.

The lamentation of thousands of fans across the world is that Firefly lasted only one season. Then we caught word that Nathan Fillion mentioned that if he won the lottery, he’d buy the rights to Firefly from Fox.
It was just a comment till two of the writers jumped on board and said if he got the rights, they’d be there.
Now there’s a frenzy going on, wondering how people can donate to the cause.
I am one such person. Thankfully, people are figuring the math, and it’s much less than the 300 million dollars Fillion blurted out when someone asked him. Either way, I’m going to set some money aside for when I can help get Firefly back on the air.

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