Work of Art

Remember back to NDK 2010? I got a bunch of artwork commissioned by fellow starving artists. One of my favorite pictures of Oksanya was by Kathryn Stewart. Since then, I was able to employ her drawing abilities to bring another Juniper Crescent character to perspective: Michael Garringer.

Flat out, he’s one of my favorite characters to work with. He’s dark, he’s power hungry, and he believes he is better than anyone who hasn’t had the Isis operation. I’m not like that, but I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never had a day where I didn’t want to feel those ideas in me. He was a great outlet for that.
The downside to getting into his mind is that he gets into mine. When I’m writing some of the powerful moments with him, people around me caught some of his reactions, rather than mine. Gratefully, those who had to deal with me knew what I was doing, otherwise I’d have a few less friends.
So, without further ado, here’s the image, with a watermark. If you like the work, I owe it all to Kathryn Stewart. Thank her.

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