Trades on Etsy

Well, when I’m not at work at the movie theater, or writing on Valence Drive, I have a store on Etsy where I sell crocheted items and jewelry I have made. Not having a lot of money to my name, I’m a huge fan of trading with other shops. I’ve gotten beads from Belgium, art from England, and recently, cookies from California. [man, don’t those sound like book titles?]

I traded some jewelry for a dozen cookies shaped into peaches from Crumble’s Cookies. They were even rolled in colored sugar so they looked like peaches. Inside was a hazelnut filling. A-mazing cookies.
The deal gets sweeter, literally. Along with these cookies, I received samples of the shop’s homemade mallows (lemon chiffon pie and peppermint.) which were also amazing.
At first it seemed a little odd to get cookies, or any perishable items for that matter, in the mail. But, Crumble’s Cookie Factory has me reconsidering.
If you’re look for some special occasion treats, I definitely recommend Crumble’s Cookies.
Now I just need to get more stuff at my shop that she’ll want to trade…

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