Valence Drive and Steampunk

This past weekend, I was a part of the Unsurpassable Prince and Pauper’s Steampunk Charity Ball, which was fantastic. My mind reeled from the costuming involved – a great person, Scott Lanner, passed on an old top hat to me. He rocks – as well as the fact that this is all to help an artist name Myles Pinkney. His art is amazing.

Merlin's Oak by Myles Pinkney
There were so many great ideas for a novel I plan on writing after I finish Warscribe (mythical war novel) and finish Valence Drive.
Speaking of Valence Drive, I’m nearing the climax of the book. The team of wolves are now in Alpine, where they are tracking the serial killer, who has a record of more than 12 kills in three months, with little progress from the police in catching him. I cameoed the pangolin Isis like I wanted, and we are going to be seeing what wolves are like. The military has emphasized the traits they have received from the operation, and it’s going to bite them in the butt.
Juniper Crescent is making progress. It’s taking a little longer because we, the publisher and I, want this to be the novel we both see it can be.

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