Geeks, I have found something

So, I’m a fan of roleplaying, my usual system is Dungeons and Dragons. It’s even had moments where it cured writer’s block for me. For those who have never tried it before, it’s not as nerdy as everyone says. With that in mind, I’m not denying the existence of people who take it to the level of obsession. What I am going to point out is it can be good practice for those in drama classes or people who want to be someone different for awhile.

The tools of the D&D trade are the dice. From the 4 sided to the 20 sided, they are pretty cool, and a set of 7 different dice are needed to play the game. Crafty nerds have turned them into earrings and key chains, and some have created custom sets, such as was referenced in the Darths and Droids webcomic, where a character had a set of chrome dice in Binary. So, here’s what I ran into online.
The Nut Dice Ring!It’s available from They claim it’s for making decisions. (even I go out, odd I stay in.) But it’s a D6 ring. My first thought is that’s the coolest way to try and escape a monster in the game Munchkin (It’s a lot of fun, trust me.)
Next up: Steampunk Dice. These dice combine the two largest realms of nerdiness for me. Those are awesome. It’s on sale at for about 45 plus shipping, so it will have to stay a dream for now, but just knowing they exist makes me happy.

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