How to Steal Like an Artist

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook yesterday, and I found I am already doing some of the things mentioned. It’s by an artist named Austin Kleon, who is popular with newspaper blackout poetry, where he’ll take an article in the newspaper, and blackout words till an entirely new poem is created. Since I read it, I know more of what I want to do as I turn around and approach my art (writing).

Hodiaux, plej de mi tago estos al laborejo. Sed, mi volas povi diri ke mi skribis en mian liberon, Valence Drive. Ankaux, mi amiko reveni Hodiaux. Espere, sxi min tekstos aux trovos.
In other news, my agent and I have started talking about getting Hallow Terrace off the ground and to an editor. The lengthy edits of Juniper Crescent have us considering getting it edited before it reaches the publishing house.
Also, I plan on linking in more of my articles from the SOP. Like my latest one. I’m excited to hear about the Hunger Games movie coming out. Kind of surprised they chose Lenny Kravitz to play Cinna, but I think there is potential.
One thing I will say right now is I’m glad Hugh Laurie didn’t end up as Haymitch (Woody Haralson is playing him instead.) Personally, I was thinking someone more like Timothy Spall, the person who played Peter Pettigrew (Harry Potter) and Winston Churchill (the King’s Speech).
But, this weekend is going to be awesome. I’m working for most of it, but I definitely have enough ideas to keep writing.
Dream well.

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