The Item Shoppe

So, I’m now on my second Etsy trade with The Item Shoppe, and I’m going to take some time to promote her work. She’s good.

With this latest trade, I’m creating an orb from Portal, and she is making a collection of pins for me, most of which is facebook flair. Yeah, so any flair you have on facebook, she can make into real life flair. Which is cool. Her shop recently added 2.25 inch buttons, so getting big images is available.
For Juniper Crescent, I’m thinking buttons like the ones made at The Item Shoppe will be cool in getting the word out. I’ve got a half dozen states I can send these to (once the book gets out *cough* Blue Planet *cough cough*) and who wouldn’t want a button of the main character, Oksanya?

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