Progress, I’m Making Progress

Just a couple of updates today. I’ve added to the photo gallery, including pics that were drawn at Nan Desu Kan. I’ve also published short pages on Hallow Terrace and Valence Drive.

In Valence Drive, I’m reaching the big, climactic fight between the team of wolves and the Alpine Butcher, the serial killer that’s making a name for himself in the city of Alpine, Utah. He’s already claimed more than a dozen lives, and the wolves know him by his scent. It’s just a matter of time till something goes wrong for the both of them.

Last night, while I was at work, I got an idea for a book in the future. I’ve been having this crazy dream where I’m walking into a 7-11 type store. I act like nothing is normal, grab a drink and pay for it at the counter. The girl behind the counter is a centaur. She waves and talks to me like she’s known me. I’m thinking I want this to be some kind of paranormal detective thing.


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