Hallow Terrace playlist: Joe Jonas, See No More

A few nights ago I was at work, cleaning out the popcorn machine, and this song came up in the lobby. I had probably heard it a hundred times by now. It cycles through a few different songs, and a few commercials, set to repeat ad nauseum. But, apparently my mind decided to listen to it this time.

The song gave me so many images for Hallow Terrace. I could see all the characters I had fallen in love with in the book. Throughout the song, I saw a montage of the entire book in various forms, from live action to anime to short clips of action. That’s usually a sign that I found something I need to write down. So, just as I had paused to record what the song was, the manager turned off the TV for the night. Right before I had gotten the info I needed, too. Thanks, Karma.

Joe Jonas “See No More” Official Video from ShowCuritiba on Vimeo.

But, it all worked out because the manager knew who it was and what the song was, and passed the information on.

As I progress further, I plan on including more of the playlists that help me see the characters I am working with. Keep checking back to see if some of your songs are tied to Juniper Crescent.


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