Some Short Stories

Twitter has an app that allows people to post short stories they have written. I thought for Sunday, I’d post a link to the pieces I have posted on Twimagination, the writer’s app of Twitter.

The first one is a radio interview I wrote to help promote Juniper Crescent.



This second one is a fairy tale I wrote. It contains a creature called a Cho’orza, an aquatic Sphinx-like story collector.

I thought I could make this a full novel, but I never got the images. This is about a counter-muse organization designed to prevent humanity from growing rampantly.

And this one was an image I got after reading the last Percy Jackson book. I kept thinking about Oracles, and what it would take to see/ understand a prophecy.

I’ll be adding more, and may make a section just for these short stories in the future.
Have a great weekend.

Dream Well



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