Today in Public Speaking…

Towards the end of class today, the teacher started the round of impromptu speeches. I volunteered, not only because she was offering extra credit for people who were brave enough to volunteer, but also because I’ve felt a surge of confidence most times I’ve stood in front of a group to speak on any subject.

The teacher asked me to speak on writing and publishing, which… made me sad. How could I speak on this subject for only 3 minutes?

What I ended up giving was a speech that seemed more motivational than informative. The title of the speak, I guess, could have been The Secret to Authorship. I talked about how the biggest difference between a writer and an author is the patience to sit down and write. So many people, if they have a spare ten minutes, use it on Facebook or random games. The author keeps in mind the ideas he/she has had, and would scribble in a notebook or a spare word document.

People gave a positive response to my speech. The only thing I wish I could have changed was adding a promise. Mind you, this is coming from 45 seconds of preparation, but after I gave my speech, the missionary who learned on Preach My Gospel came back and nudged me with the idea that I could have made them a promise. The same promise I kept in mind as I trudged through writer’s block while working on Valence Drive and the other projects in the Juniper Crescent world: Write. Whatever it is, write. I promise you will find more of your potential in the most seemingly silly and flagrant idea than in any TV show or game.

So, all you aspiring authors out there, I make you this promise, since I couldn’t make it to my COM115 class. Write. Once it’s written, it exists. Once it exists, it can be molded and shaped into a great idea. And great ideas can change the world. It all starts with writing. Write write write. Writing makes writers into authors.


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