Movies, Books, and Conventions, Oh My

Today I sent the final proofread of Juniper Crescent back  to Blue Planet. From there, I have three weeks to get my marketing plan together for the release of Juniper Crescent. That means I’m getting a list together of the bookstores, newspapers, reviewers, book bloggers, and other places I’m going to be working with to get information about Juniper Crescent out to the public.

To celebrate and relax, I’m heading to the theater I work at to watch Cowboys and Aliens. Being a starving artist and a poor college student, it makes sense to wait until they come to the theater I work at. It’s fun, and I know the people that work there. Onwards, I’ve heard good things about this movie. Harrison Ford finally looks like he’s as old as he actually is, and rumor has it that Daniel Craig proves that he can do more than Bond-type roles. And the movie has been well-received from the Steampunk community, so I’m fairly sure I’ll enjoy it.

Coincidentally, my job is right beside a Barnes and Nobles, the store I’m trying to coordinate with for the release of Juniper Crescent. Keep your fingers crossed.

Currently in the works, besides Hallow Terrace, I’ve got some short stories in contests and anthologies. on the Floss and Chaos forum, I was invited to submit a few of my short stories for their contest. The prize is having my short story turned into a comic.  I like the artist’s work and think one of my short stories would make a great comic. Y’know, not because I like to toot my own horn or anything.

I haven’t forgotten about Hallow Terrace. My original goal was to submit it on September 15th. That got pushed back a little because two friends found the post a little late and still wanted to be a part of it. So that means there’s going to be two more read-thru’s before I submit Hallow Terrace. Hopefully, this will mean that Kora’s story won’t take nearly as long as Juniper Crescent took. I’m still embarrassed that it took over a year for my uncut, unpolished work to be publish-worthy.

But, I have learned, and made changes.

If you’ve followed my Facebook page, I’ve set myself a goal. With NaNoWriMo coming up in a little over a month, I’ve decided that I’m going to start practicing now, then once November hits, I’m going to see if I can keep their pace (about 1,700 words per day) through the event, and how long after. I’ve got a list of books I want to write, from the gritty, mythical Warscribe to the humorous medical novel Standard Procedures. This gives me a quantifiable goal, and something I can track as I progress through getting more novels out and writing more. I have the outlines, I have the great ideas, I just need to get them on paper so I can facepalm for the horrible writing, then make it sound good in rewriting.


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