The Release of Juniper Crescent Draws Near

And that means a whole new kind of work for me. While managing 10 college credits and 30 hours of work, I now get to organize the premiere party, then a week away from that is Mile Hi Con (who’s excited about that?) and I’m going to have some time at the Artist’s Co-op table, then I’ve got stuff in the works for a book signing at Barnes and Nobles. (It’s going to be awesome, tell you friends.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Truth be told, it’s a good problem to have. Not a lot of people get to worry about the premiere party for their first novel. Parties are cool.

That having been said, I’m still new at this whole thing. For the nerds out there, my character is level 1, bursting with enthusiasm and cluelessness. I’m not entirely clueless, but enough that I know I’m going to mess something up.

*Insert witty comment from Doctor Who here*


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