Book Hop – Favorite Children’s book

Gemma Wood invited me to a blog hop, and after googling what that means, I joined in. The topic of the hop is our favorite Children’s story growing up. It might sound odd, but mine was the Lorax, by Doctor Seuss. Not only is Doctor Seuss the King Midas of Children’s literature, he had a way to present even the most serious of circumstances in a way that children can relate and form their own opinion. The man is a genius.

Even though I read and loved the Lorax, along with all of Dr. Seuss’s work, I didn’t own a copy until about 2008, when I was just about to move out to Missouri and live on my own. I’m still not entirely sure why it worked out that way, but there you have it. When it came down to those nights when I honestly felt homesick and there wasn’t a thing I could do to make it go away, The Lorax gave me a small piece of nostalgia. I still had that last Truffula seed, ready to be planted when I could know it would grow and change everything.

I know that sounds cliche, but it helped me, and The Lorax remains to this day one of my favorite children’s books, right up there with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Raold Dahl.



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