Curing Writer’s Block

With COSine come and gone, I’m back to the pleasant routine of class, work, write, though not always in that order. But, from the smallest sci-fi con I’ve ever been to came some great writing ideas, including an idea to help fight writer’s block.

What was suggested in a panel on writing short stories is to take one idea, one story, and write it in three different genres. Same story, same characters, but different genres.

My first thought when I read that was to see Juniper Crescent as a steampunk novel, since I’m still fascinated by the culture. Could you imagine Oksanya racing through the streets of a Victorian City, or Ezra sporting a monocle and a pistol? That produced a lot of good images.

And, much like the road less travelled by, way leads on to way to produce a lot of images, ideas, and feelings. What a spark of imagination seeing a similar idea in a different light can create!

It cured my writer’s block already, and set me back on my course to creating stories with vigor. But, like most important things in life, having one plan of action rarely causes the success we want to see. So, I managed to find a second method to push writer’s block away. This one comes from my ENG 221 class at Pikes Peak Community College. Our most recent assignment was to hand write a page from one of our favorite books. This let’s a person see deeper into a different author’s style. (For this project, I chose Brandon Sanderson’s Alcatrax Versus the Evil Librarians.) The second part of the assignment is to write a scene in the style that was just hand written. You’re familiar with that new style now, and with that new style, you’ll find yourself phrasing things a little differently, using words you know but don’t use.

I tried it, and it worked amazingly well. I once again felt the spurious drive to write, to place the images I had seen into words so others could see what I’ve seen.

Fellow authors, I hope this helps.


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