Juniper Crescent: The Lost Chapter

This Saturday, I’m going to post a chapter from the rough draft of Juniper Crescent that never made it into the book. The story I saw in my mind was big and all encompassing, but like all rough drafts were essentially thoughts thrown onto paper like Jackson Pollack going at it with paint.

During Galaxyfest I had the opportunity to talk to a few different artists, including the talented Stan Yan,  about drawing Oksanya (and Ezra). An idea from a con goer prompted me to purchase a sketchbook, and it’s slowly filling with artwork I’ve gotten from different artists. Pics may follow.

That and going through some boxes I had tucked away revealed a printed copy of a rough draft of Juniper Crescent, including this lost chapter.

Hailey, the girl who was mixed with a bird and can fly, comes out to Colorado to visit Oksanya. It gets a little territorial when bird challenges cheetah to a race. Come check it out this Saturday. 


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