Chat with Megg Jensen, author of Anathema

Today on the website, I get to post my interview with Megg Jensen, who’s about to celebrate the release of the final book in the Prophets of Eloh Saga, The Sundering. I’ve been stalking her facebook page and website for some time, and read a few of her books. I’m excited to get to talk to another YA author.


1. Tell me about your latest book, The Sundering. The artwork
is amazing.

The Sundering is the culmination of five years of work. I’m really proud of my series and I hope others enjoyed it too. I can’t say too much about the plot since it’s the third in a trilogy and wraps up the storyline for all of the books I’ve published.

2. What’s been your favorite book to work on?

My favorite book to work on was Anathema.

There’s a certain magic in seeing the first book through from the spark of an idea to holding it in my hand.

3. You and I are both authors trying to get our names out there. What struggles have you encountered?

I think we all struggle with this. The hardest part for me has been defending self-publishing. It has a bad rep. I think it’s up to us to show the world that all authors work hard, no matter their publishing path.

4. What made you want to become a writer?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl. It’s just part of me.

5. Some authors talk about a “spark” some moment that stuck in their mind begging to be written. Have you ever had a moment like that? Tell me about it.

I have! The idea for Anathema (and the whole Song of Eloh Saga) came to me on a trip to my parents’ farm. My daughter told me she could see things in the clouds. I asked which shapes she saw. She sighed and said, “No, Mom, I can see the future.” That’s what started the whole thing.

6. What book are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness.

7. Is there a song or a musician that helped inspire you as you wrote?

When I write I typically listen to Evanescence, Within Temptation and Bat for Lashes.

8. When you aren’t writing and promoting your work, what hobbies do you enjoy?

I LOVE swing dancing!!!! Before kids, I danced six nights a week. I also love to read, rollerblade, watch bad sci fi movies, and bake cakes and cookies.

9. Where do you see your work taking you?

My work has already taken me farther than I (realistically) thought it would. My imagination has me as a multi-gajillionaire. I think real life will put me somewhere in between. LOL

10. Where can fans get more information on your books? Where would you recommend they start?

The best place to start is my website. Everything’s

11. If your first book became a movie who would you like to be in the cast?

If Anathema was a movie, I’d want Molly Quinn (Rick Castle’s daughter Alexis in Castle) to play Reychel and Alexander Ludwig (Cato in the Hunger Games) to play Mark.

Thanks for joining us on the website Megg, and best of luck on your endeavors in the future!


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