Regretsy Has Inspired Me

Well, when I’m not writing Valence Drive, I’ve taken to sifting through Regretsy. It’s a site dedicated to all the… stuff that happens on Etsy when bad ideas run amok. (For those who don’t know, Etsy is a site for people to display and sell their homemade wares and supplies to make other homemade goodies. Kind of like Ebay, but for crafty people.) And after skimming through 400 pages (there’s a total of 720 pages) of bad art, ridiculous creations, and fashion horrible enough that Lady Gaga wouldn’t wear it, I’ve come to a conclusion:

I’m not that bad at art.

Now, granted, I’m and English major, and I know why I’m an English major, but I did have an Etsy store at one point in time. Mostly I sold cuff links, and some jewelry. I figured since I really like it, someone else should. And then cue in the amigurumi. There was just something about crocheting dead things like this,

Yes, he’s vomiting. I crocheted it.














The yarn ninjas have struck. He never had a chance.













or this

That hole goes straight through his head. I stuck a Sharpie through him













that made me happy. They were more popular than the cuff links, necklaces, and earrings, no matter how cool I thought they were. But, now I’m not quite catching the crochet all the things vibe. When it comes time to choose what I’m doing, I usually end up writing, rather than crocheting, or even watching TV.

Yeah, not feeling it right now















So, I’m thinking I could throw some of my aesthetically-pleasing doodles on Etsy. Not even do something special, just tear it out of my spiral notebook and post straight on to my store.

Prepare your bank accounts, you are going to want your own abstract art from Tony Graff

I’m thinking I’ll start the price around fifty bucks. Add twenty bucks if you want it framed.



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