Looking for Tunes

I know this sounds odd, but, musically speaking, I’ve really been enjoying music with a lot of noise.

Obviously music has noise, but what has really caught my attention has a very fast-paced, almost ADHD timbre. There’s so much going on that it’s a mind overload.

Generally, that means I’ve had to resort to KPOP. They seem to like noise like that, or like this one:

Or, there is DJ Earworm, that I recently discovered. For his new year’s traditions, he would get the top 25 pop tunes and compact them into one mash-up. like this one here.

(You can go to DJ Earworm’s site and find his latest mash-ups here)

But, I have only found those two that really have stood out. If you have heard anything that has the same kind of timbre, let me know. I’m looking for more music like this.


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