ABC’s Castle is among my favorite TV shows on the air. Nathan Fillion has once again proved that he can take a role and make something really awesome out of it. Whether it’s been Firefly or Slither or Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog, he’s become a memorable face in TV and movies.

So now he’s playing a talented author who can do just about anything he wants, and for the past five seasons, he’s wanted to tag along with detective Kate Beckett as she solves crimes and brings murderers to justice. He’s even helped solve many of them. He’s following the attractive detective because he’s been writer’s blocked so bad that he’s willing to sign a waiver should he get injured while shadowing the police so he can’t sue them.
From season one, Richard Castle talks about, and signs copies of, the books that Kate Beckett has been the inspiration: Heat Wave. Cue the fan freak-out when the book became available for purchase. The actual book. Then I find out that Richard Castle has his own website where you can buy many of the books referenced in the TV show.
Naturally, I had to read it. It even has the author listed as Richard Castle, describing his character as if he actually existed.
The book was fairly enjoyable. If you enjoy the pacing of a TV show, then this’ll definitely be up your alley. Aside from one or two phrases that don’t quite make sense, it’s an easy and light read. Right off the bat we get a great descriptive paragraph about the main character, Nikki Heat. From there we meet the rest of the cast, which parallels the characters straight from the TV show. Almost. It becomes obvious fairly early on that Nikki Heat is Richard Castle’s imagination of Kate Beckett.
If the book was made purely to help promote the TV show, I’d say it’s doing a good job. If it was made much like J.K. Rowling’s creation of the textbooks found at Hogwarts and it’s completing the world the writer’s envisioned, then it’s still doing a good job. If you’re looking for a quick weekend read, Heat Wave will definitely fit the bill.

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