Diego’s Dragon, Book Two

So, at the beginning of the month I posted about author Kevin Gerard and his Latin-American middle grade series, Diego’s Dragon. He had invited me and all the fans of the website to buy the e-book for free from Amazon.

This time, he’s got the second book for us, and he gave me a copy to check it out.

Diego’s Dragon: Dragons of the Dark Rift, picks up after the events of the first book, and delves deeper into the world watched over by dragons who inhabit the sun. They’re awaiting a prophecy that would bring peace to the human world, and happiness to the dragons who watch over them.

Only there’s a dragon that doesn’t want to see that happen. He’s amassing an army in the Dark Rift, where the once handsome creatures become twisted and distorted.

In order to secure their goal of preventing the fifth sun from coming and bringing the age of happiness, the Dragons of the Dark Rift need Diego to be their guide, rather than the guide to the Sol Dragones, once again placing Diego in a conflict that is larger than life.

This is a book that I’d recommend for middle graders or children who just are getting into reading. The action keeps up the pace, and it’s easy to see the imagery that Kevin Gerard is trying to produce. My only complaint is there’s a little bit of Deus Ex Machina going on halfway through the book. It’s just one scene, but he’s godmodding just a smidge.

But, other than that, it’s a quick, enjoyable read for kids. And, on November 2nd, head over to Amazon and pick up the e-book for Diego’s Dragon: Dragon’s of the Dark Rift for free.


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