My Dream for 2013

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, I’ve been making my list of goals for 2013. The difference between resolutions and goals, I’ve found, is that one is a idea we set to paper, stick on the fridge, and laugh a month later when we haven’t accomplished it and are nowhere closer, and the other is a goal. It has a plan, and specific steps to get there.

So, I had to take stock of where I’m at. Currently:

  1. Two books are in the publishing house. Juniper Crescent is going to be re-released by Sarah Book Publishing this month, and then in March/April timeframe Hallow Terrace will be released. I’m sure you’re wondering why Juniper Crescent needs a re-release. It’s only been a year on the market. Well, Sarah Book Publishing is releasing Hallow Terrace, the second book in the series. They agreed that it would be good to keep both in the same house, so they let me do some tweaking. Then it’s going to be released in paperback as well as e-book format.
  2. One book is in beta-reads. Valence Drive, book three in Juniper Crescent, is in the hands of my group of readers and critiquers. They are awesome. I owe them gratitude aplenty.
  3. Another book is on the back burner. That doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything with it, Warscribe is just taking some time to sit and breathe while I’m working on another book. Once my mind has cleared of the details of the book, then I can go back beat it over the head with revisions, rewrites, and a load of ‘what the heck was I thinking when I wrote this?’
  4. Plus another book currently being written. The last half of Warscribe. I want to make it a trilogy, but I haven’t felt that strong, overwhelming idea that would propel it to a third book. So, right now, it’s just Warscribe and Berserker. I’m about a tenth of the way done, but the goal is to have the first draft completed by February.
  5. Outlines for… five or six more novels. There might be one more Juniper Crescent book in there, but there’s futuristic, high fantasy, steampunk, pirates, and one man who can’t die.


There’s the current status of my literary career. I start classes again on January 23rd, I’m set to graduate with my associate’s degree this fall. Then I’m hoping to get into UNC for a teaching degree. I should also get my car paid off, which would be a nice change. One less thing, right?

So, here’s the big dream, and I’m not sure how exactly I’m going to get one or two steps together to see it to fruition:


brandon sanderson



I want Brandon Sanderson to read and review one of my novels. Not a pat-on-the-head-and-a-good-job kind of review, but a real review of my work. Why Brandon Sanderson? I respect his work. He epitomizes the caliber of storytelling that I wish for my own work. I’ve read five of his books and have a sixth on the want-to-read list. He tells a high quality story without including the metaphorical MSGs of storytelling, like vulgarity, sex, and love triangles (for my thoughts on love triangles, see my review of Grounded, by G. P. Ching).



So, that’s the dream. I know he teaches college classes at BYU, and probably really busy, and that I respect. Of all that I’m working on, I really want him to read the piece I wrote during NaNoWriMo last year, Warscribe. To do that, it’ll need to go through beta-reads, be revised, rewritten, and published. It’s on the queue after Valence Drive. Meaning, Warscribe might not even come out this year… but that’s the new dream, nonetheless. Not sure how it’s going to happen, but I feel good that it will, and it’ll be a measure of my progress as an author. I think him reading my work would be a real validation.


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