Elizabeth Lang Book Tour: The Rebels and The Empire

Alrighty, so, this week I’ll be posting another video post, this time on funny books.

Then, I’m please to be a part of Elizabeth Lang’s book tour for the release of her second novel, The Rebels.

The Rebels Banner

I’m thinking there hasn’t been enough sci-fi in my life. This came two weeks after saying there wasn’t enough BBC in my life. After the tour I’ll probably be saying that there isn’t enough sleep in my life. So, there are two tours running simultaneously, and I’ve signed up to review both of her novels.

The Empire Banner


I’ve always been excited to help out with book tours. It’s a chance for me to connect with other authors who are at the same point that I’m at, dealing with the same problems and seeing how they get past it and find success in their writing. And I get to read their books. Never complain about books.

The dates of the virtual tour aren’t for awhile, (March 15th and March 22nd) but I’m getting the word out ahead of time. If you’re a fan of sci-fi, or have friends that are, get the word out about stopping by the site on those dates.

And don’t forget to like  Juniper Crescent on Facebook or follow me on Twitter to keep up with the latest news. Juniper Crescent will be getting re-released soon, just waiting on the cover design.



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