An Involuntary Relocation

Well, I’m back here on the blogspot. Thanks to a collection of webhost issues, is down for the time being. I’m working on getting it back up, but there’s only so much I can do since I put trust in I’ve had to miss blog tours and the re-release of Juniper Crescent because of this, so I’m working on putting the pieces back together and pulling what I can out of the situation.

Uhh, current status: I’m editing Valence Drive, getting that ready to send in. At the same time, I’m wanting to work on Berserker, book two of the Warscribe series. This month I have a newspaper interview with the Sterling Journal Advocate. First one for a newspaper.

Then I’m planning a re-release party for Juniper Crescent, and I’m wanting to do that in Colorado Springs rather than up here in Sterling.

The biggest thing I’m excited about is that Juniper Crescent is now available on e-book. In a day or so, it’ll even be up on iTunes. Right now I have the Amazon link and Barnes and Nobles.

The biggest thing I’m asking fans now is that if you’ve read Juniper Crescent, write a review. Go to the new one, not the BPP version. Sarah Book Publishing is going to be producing the entire series, so every review for the new version puts the entire series in the spotlight and not just the first book.


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