Juniper Crescent Re-Release Teaser

Juniper Crescent is out!

So, what’s different about this new version? Why should you click over to Amazon and Barnes and Nobles and get a copy right now? Well, two big reasons:

1. Since Juniper Crescent’s first release, I had many fans write me and tell me to fix this or that. I listened.

2. E-books. Now you can have it on your phone or tablet or e-reader, and show your friends how hip and trendy you are for having this awesome book.

And, here’s a little taste of what’s in store:

The following Tuesday, the day before Oksanya went down to check out the college campus and find an apartment, Oksanya met Nick at the mall to invite him to dinner.
Dinner? With your parents?” Nick raised an eyebrow as he fit a pin into a watchband.
With my dad, yes.” Oksanya corrected, spinning a display on the counter. “Are you worried?”
Nick held the watch he was working on up to the light. “Nope, just figured it would be a little bit later on before I was doing the meet-the-parents bit.”
Parent. Just one. And he’s going to have trouble with me bringing a guy down to LaScar for overnight with me unless he’s met him. I can’t say I blame him.”
Nick set the completed watch in a plastic bag and tagged it. “And you’re leaving tomorrow, correct?” Oksanya nodded. “Well, then I guess I’ll have to. I can call my parents once my replacement comes.”
The second employee at the watch shop appeared in twenty minutes, after which Oksanya drove her and Nick to her house.
You live here?” Nick gaped up the front of the Vor Tallen residence.
Yeah, sorry, the castle’s currently undergoing renovations.”
Nick stopped, wide-eyed.
Oksanya turned around to find her boyfriend still staring at her. “I didn’t tell you what my dad does for a living, did I?” Nick shook his head. “Oh. Sorry. The castle bit is a joke. My dad swears he’s going to invest in one for his mid-life crisis, though.” She grabbed Nick by the hand and pulled him into the house.
Ahh, Oksanya, I thought I heard you come in.” Darren turned from where he sat in the living room. On the couch across from him were three men in business suits Oksanya had never seen before. “Gentlemen,” Darren motioned to his daughter, “this is my daughter, Oksanya, and her boyfriend, Nick. Oksanya, this is Prince Alwari Zahavi, Mindaugas Cviatkova of Lithuania, and Hirohito Yoshikuji, from Osaka. They’re clients of mine that I’ve invited to dinner.”
The three men rose from their seats and bowed to Oksanya.
Now, under normal circumstances, we’d have engaged in our meeting at some restaurant after overpriced salads, but, I assure you that Katrina is the finest cook I have had.” Darren stepped towards the dinner table, where Katrina set salads in front of each place setting.

What do you think? Is Darren not the coolest dad ever?

To get your copy of Juniper Crescent, you can go here, or here.

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