An Interview and the Future!

It has been some time since I last posted, and I apologize for that. I’ve been fighting with some way to post my video reviews since my tablet refuses to be loud enough. And… I discovered Pinterest. Can you blame me?

So, first thing’s first: Radio interview. Judyth Piazza from the American Perspective got me on the phone and we had a nice chat. Here’s the link. I’ve had a few interviews with her, and it’s been pretty cool. Makes me feel all author-y.

And secondly…

and this one is the most important. It’s going to be legen…

wait for it…

dary! Legendary. I got a check from Sarah Book Publishing to help cover my first book signing. With that, I think I want to have a smaller event out here in Sterling, but wait a little and have a real party in the Springs, where I have the biggest fanbase, and the biggest potential for exposure. I’m thinking there needs to be Jones Soda there as well. I like Jones. But, I’m having trouble locating a good place for a venue. I’m still looking, while I’m finishing this semester, but that means it’s going to be a little more slow going.


But, once it’s all together, if you only come for the food, I’ll be glad you came. As for current projects, I’m working on a grid drawing (a la Chuck Close) for art class and trying to squeeze in work on Valence Drive.


2 thoughts on “An Interview and the Future!

  1. Well, I’m looking for a place that can hold a group of people. I kind of want a library, but going to the one in Fountain didn’t work, so I’m needing someplace more people are willing to go.

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