Public Service Announcement, having an imagination is a wonderful thing. Where would we be if we didn’t have imaginative people who make movies, write books and magazines, and design fun things to wear?

But, watch out! That same imagination, if let off its leash and to its own devices, can create bizarre and unusual combinations that get stuck in your head like a bad Lady Gaga song.

Take young Tony Graff here. Why, he works as a bean packer. Big bags of beans, rice, and lentils roll of a conveyor belt, and it’s his job to arrange them on pallets so they can reach supermarkets everywhere. While he’s doing his job, he has time to think and imagine. It’s even helped him write books.

But what’s this? His thoughts have run away. Ideas for a book he’s working have mixed and mingled with a television show from his childhood.

Les Mis

Now, some of you think that this is safe. That’s okay. But, kids, remember that the Muppets are family fun, made to be enjoyed by everyone gathered around the television. But, in Les Miserables, people died. I don’t think anyone would want to watch a beloved character like Statler and Waldorf, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, or Gonzo the great perish in a French Revolutionary battlefield.

So remember, kids. Use your imagination cap wisely. And don’t let your thoughts wander…too far.

********************** Author’s Disclaimer*************************************

Yes, those were actual thoughts from my brain that occurred while I was packing beans during my summer job. Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem would be the Thenardiers, Statler and Waldorf would be Jean Valjean (Hey, it worked in a Muppet Christmas Carol), and Gonzo would be Enjorlas.

Once the cast list came out, my mind stopped and said “Seriously? Muppet Les Mis? People died in that movie.” But it was hard to banish the thought from my brain. Like it wouldn’t stop showing me scenes and muppets singing. It was weird. So, if it gets stuck in your head, please report it. I’d like to simultaneously laugh and empathize.

But, I assure you that the insanity will be gone on Tuesday for the release party. Lots of Jones soda will be bought, and there shall be laughter, and awesomeness, and e-books. Come check it out, the information’s right here.


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