Hallow Terrace Book Cover Release

Well, the moment you (and I) have been waiting for for a long time. Juniper Crescent has been released, re-released, re-formatted for e-books, and loved. Now it’s time for the second book in the Isis Generation trilogy.

A big thank you to the people at Rebel Sparks Media for taking my design and running with it, and for the fans who have been patient. I didn’t like the waiting either.

Hallow Terrace is going to pick up the story with Korra Allred. If you’ve read Juniper Crescent (if you haven’t, you can get it on iTunes, here, or here), you met her at the end of the story. She’s mixed with a lion and returns to her hometown in Texas to a waiting fiance and best friend. When she gets pregnant, the fiance’s real colors come out and he abandons her. Being the first Isis to get pregnant, science has little to offer as to how her operation will affect the babies. But that’s enough for the Anti-Isis, now an officially recognized group, to make her the target of their new campaign.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Michael Garringer, the first Isis and the deadliest, has seen her as an icon to everyone. Even in prison, he sees her as the Eve of a new age for humanity.

I’m spending my weekend working on the manuscript, so a release date shouldn’t be far away.

Keep reading, stay awesome.


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