Home Sweet Home

Well, I haven’t posted in awhile, and with good reason.

I got the edited manuscript for Hallow Terrace from Sarah Book Publishing, and they had the goal of a July release. I just had to go through it and make sure all the corrections were right. Megan offered to read through it, not only because she’s a master at editing, but also because this has been the one book she hasn’t heard about or read about before this moment. And, I was working full time at a bean packaging plant, so I was eager for the help.

Then life got more exciting.

Megan had an interview for a school down in the Springs, which is where we were from to begin with. Actually, she had three interviews with different schools across three days. One was for Denver Public School, the second for Aurora Public Schools, and the third for James Irwin Charter Schools in the Springs.

She got the James Irwin job, but under the condition that she be available to start training the following Thursday on August 1st.

Which meant that we had a week to move. Rather, we had a week to be moved so that Megan could start training. Hallow Terrace got put on hold, a lot of boxing and getting rid of occurred, and friends and family came to our help in more ways than we could have imagined.

Now it’s our first week in the house we are renting, and I’ve finally had time to breath. Which meant that I had time to sit and edit. Most of the boxes are empty, Most of the house is organized.

But there’s a thought in my mind that’s worried about ‘most.’ Most means livable, or ‘good enough for now.’ Not what I’m looking for and not what Megan’s looking for. So, while Megan’s in training and I’m waiting for school to start (PPCC doesn’t start until the end of the month), it’s my job to eliminate the most. We both want a home that’s like her parents. Their homes ready to be shown any time, 24/7. That takes some work, and more than we’re used to, but that’s the goal.

A lot of people say that moving is a chance to start over. Like New Years’ Eve, only without having to stay up late (Oh, hey, my morning person card just arrived by owl). It can even include silly hats. I just have to be willing to work.

Hallow Terrace is coming soon. Be on the lookout. And I’ll have bookmarks.


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