Words of Wisdom from Amy Vanderbilt

In 1958, Doubleday and company published Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Book of Etiquette, which, of course, was the must have for anyone seeking to be proper and polite in modern society. I managed to find a copy of this must-have novel at an antique store for about 2 bucks.

Today’s words of wisdom is on the proper eating of spaghetti, found on page 242:

The aficionado knows that the only graceful and satisfying way to eat real Italian spaghetti (which comes in full-length or perhaps half-length rounds) is to eat it with a large soup spoon and a fork. The spoon is placed in the left hand more or less upright in the plate (or often platter) of spaghetti. The right hand uses the fork with the tip of the prongs against the spoon to wind the spaghetti into a manageable mouthful. It should not drip off the fork. The forkful of spaghetti is then conveyed to the mouth while the spoon remains in the hand and on the platter. As with any sauced dish, it should be eaten without stirring the spaghetti, grated cheese, and meatballs (or other garnish) all together, infant style. The timid way to eat spaghetti is to cut it into small bits with knife and fork and eat it with fork alone.


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