Why I hate Pinterest, But Still Have One

I have a Pinterest account. I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I often find myself trolling through it for countless hours.

Amid all the neat and crafty ideas are some that should just not happen. I found a real life example of this yesterday at an antique mall.

Now, that looks pretty cool, right? A cute little tea tray with a saucer affixed to an old candlestick.

-.- No, it’s not cool. My biggest gripe with Pinterest used to be the collecting of ideas that had the caption “one day I’ll do this” or “I’ll be so glad I pinned this later” or even “pin now, read later.” All those basically mean it’ll never happen.

Right now, my biggest gripe is that someone destroyed two antiques to create something just about useless.

Look a little closer.

Look at the blue saucer on top. It’s nice and pretty all on its own. But it’s a saucer meant for a teacup that matches it. Okay, maybe the teacup broke. It’s still small enough that calling it a tea tray is asinine. Only one cookie would fit on that. Maybe if you’re serving half or quarter-sized oreos you could fit more, but at that point why bother?
Now the other half:

Decent candlestick, probably had a mate somewhere in antique world. The first thing, though, is that it doesn’t match the saucer. Not even coordinates with it. You know why? BECAUSE IT’S URANIUM GLASS! It’s not supposed to be desecrated by become the world’s smallest tea tray!

My heart broke a little for that uranium candlestick. Two perfectly fine and beautiful antiques were destroyed to make… that.

So, folks, do some research before you decide to do something you found on Pinterest. For the sake of antiques everywhere. (For more reasons to be careful on Pinterest, check out pinstrosity.)


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