The Victorian Alternative to Potholders and What I Did With It

So, I was trolling through thrift stores, always on the hunt for more uranium glass or some antique treasure that got donated without knowledge of what the thing actually is, and ran across this thing.

I had to go home and do some research on what it was, but after I bought it.

This silver liner fits a standard glass loaf pan. Once your loaf of bread or small casserole is done baking, you transfer it to this thing in order to serve it with the right Victorian flair.

Cool story, good sir. 

But, I don’t bake enough for it to be feasible, and I have some pretty nifty potholders already.

But I had already bought it.

So, my brain kicked into high gear and decided that if I put a piece of wood on the bottom, it then becomes a tray I can put whatever I wanted in.

Which, coincidently, helps make my USB dresser look a whole lot cooler.


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