Why I would want to be a lion

Kora Allred, the heroine of Hallow Terrace, had an operation to mix her genetic code with that of a lion. She opted to have the tail and strength of the lion with her operation, but also gained the courage and strength to be the toughest mom on the planet (it’s true. Male lions eat, repopulate, and defend their pride. It’s up to the lioness’s to hunt and raise the cubs.)

But the coolest part, as scientists discovered, is their vocal range. Human males speak at a range of 100 to 120 hertz and women at a range of 200 to 240 hertz (Hertz are cycles per second, kind of like frequency). Lions and tigers on the other hand have a range between 10 and 430 hertz.

For comparison, Nick Pitera, a vocalist who can cover both the male and female register, can only reach half of what any lion or tiger can do.

That alone is why I would be mixed with a lion. Heck, with that kind of range, I’d be able to impersonate a dog whistle, complete with dogs freaking out (dog whistles work at 23-54 hertz. So, I’d only be able to do part, but hey, no other human could do that.


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