Portion Size Me: Day 1

I’m going to be trying an experiment from now until Thanksgiving. After watching Supersize Me and Fathead, both documentaries that show the modern trends of food habits. Supersize Me was meant to show how fast food is the cause of the obesity epidemic, while Fathead was to counteract that by showing that healthy lifestyles can implement fast food.
After watching both, I felt rather confused. The two documentaries were on opposite ends of the spectrum. But they both had flaws.
So, I thought what about the nutritionists? What about the big box of nutritional information on the side of the boxes and packages? Shouldn’t that be the guidelines for establishing our eating habits?
Hence the birth of this experiment. From now until Thanksgiving, I’ll be living by portion sizes. My rules for this experiment are as follows:

1. Only one serving of an item per meal. That way I’m not eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s and just listing 4 servings.
2. All food consumed will be listed in a diary. I’ll keep track of what I ate and the total calories.
3. I’m allowed to eat whatever I want, but only the one serving of that thing.
4. All food will be weighed and measure to ensure that they are a serving according to the package or recommended suggestion size. 
5. I will eat three meals plus one snack throughout the day.

Day 1:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 3/4 cup (130)
Milk, 8 oz. (110)
apple juice, 8 0z (120)
satsuma tangerine (36)

slice of French bread (130)
sliced turkey lunchmeat, 4 oz, chopped (120)
Spinach, 4 oz (27)
Ranch dressing (130)
herbal tea (0)
sugar, 2 tsp. (32)

fruit and veggie gummy snacks (70)
Fun size Peanut Butter M&Ms (90)

Venison steak, 4 oz (179)
Spaghetti with butter and garlic, 2 oz (220)
Candy glazed Carrots, 1/2 cup (100)
Homemade Vanilla Pudding (170)
Total Caloric Intake: 1700
This first day, my big fear was that I’d spend all day feeling hungry and still somehow end up with more than the daily allotment for calories (for a guy my size, doctors recommend 2000 calories). What I discovered is that being conscientious means that I can still feel full and healthy. I only felt hunger about a half an hour before lunch. The rest of the day was not a problem.
I learned that to feel full, you need variety. If cold cereal is the only thing on the menu, then yes, I’ll eat a full bowl and feel hungry. I don’t know if it’s just my brain tricking me or something, but having that group of food made the meal seem like more.


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