Portion Size Me, Day 2

This is day 2 of my Portion Size Me experiment, and I let myself  enjoy what I want more. More of what I ate usually, just trimmed down.

2 scrambled eggs (170)
1 bagel (80)
1 Satsuma tangerine (36)
Hot chocolate made w/ milk (230)

I think that’s going to be my culinary mantra from now until Thanksgiving: add an orange.

And I’m sure you’re asking “why Thanksgiving?”

Because it’s Thanksgiving. I’ll be at this just about a month, which is long enough to see the full effects of what my eating habits will do. But it’s short enough that I’m not going to be trying to squeeze the measuring cup and food scale amid the Thanksgiving spread I’ve known and love.

Besides, a cheat day every now and then isn’t enough to throw off everything I’ve done.

My surprise today came at lunch, when I thought I’d do something simple and pick up a pack of ramen. A serving size is half a block of ramen! Half. I can remember having a lazy day when I lived at home and eating two packages.

But, I made it according to the package instructions, and it ended up being a really nice meal.

1/2 block of ramen (70)
1 pack greek yogurt with blueberries (160)
8 oz pineapple soda (110)
Emergen C (25)

woven wheat crackers, 8 crackers (130)
Reese’s peanut butter cup (105)

Then came dinner. I’m tired, Megan’s tired, we didn’t want to put a huge effort with dinner. So we went with one of our reliable fall back meals: macaroni and cheese. I was worried about eating, though, when I read that one serving of mac and cheese is 380 calories. Most of the portions I had been dealing with were small compared to what I had been used to eating. But, a serving is 1 cup. And that’s actually quite a lot when you measure it out and set it on a plate. Add some steamed vegetables and that’s a pretty big meal.

macaroni and cheese, 1 cup (380)
leftover venison steak, 4 oz (179)
blueberry pomegranate juice, 8 oz (130)
steamed veggies, 1 cup (25)
pomegranate acai and blueberry sorbet 1/2 cup (140

Total caloric intake: 1968

If anything, my thoughts so far is that I can actually enjoy food more. that I can eat what I want and feel like I have some clue about what I’m doing for my body. It just means I need to be a little conscientious about how much. Heck, I had soda today and was still under that nutritionist recommended 2000 calorie bar. And yesterday I was 300 under that limit. I’m not starving, I don’t feel like I’m gnawing on rabbit food all day. It’s a pretty liberating feeling.


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